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Clare Chun wins Best Female Filmmaker Award

Clare Chun Productions LLC November 2023

Joy Hopwood, filmmaker and festival director of Joy House Film Festival in Sydney, Australia awarded Clare Chun with the highest honor on November 12, 2023, Best Female Filmmaker Award. 

Clare's initial accolade was for her performance alongside Krystal the cat at the Toronto International Women's Film Festival. We are incredibly honored to receive a distinct filmmaking category for 'Shelter.'

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Shelter in Place successful screening in Beverly Hills

Clare Chun Productions LLC November 2023

We are beyond excited such a great film festival supporting Lady Filmmakers all over the world hand selected Shelter in Place to make its Beverly Hills debut in the world capital of film, Los Angeles. 

Shelter screened on September 30, 2023

Program #11 Kick Butt ;)

at the Fine Arts Theatre

8556 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211

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Historic premiere for Clare Chun Productions "Shelter in Place" at Festival de Cannes

Clare Chun Productions LLC November 2023

From humble beginnings of first Clare Chun Productions film "Park's Epiphany" where we got into 0 festivals to 4th film "Shelter in Place" that has gotten into many..

Cast and crew of 7 people and 1 cat are elated at the film's success. 

Here is a horizontal split screen comparison of:

Top: rotoscoped version of Lamb Chop, stuffed animal stand-in for Krystal in Shelter in Place with director/producer/actor Clare. 

Middle: Camera set up where Lamb Chop is Krystal's stand-in and actress Clare's eyeline.

Bottom: BTW footage of the talent Krystal wrestling with her stand-in Lamb Chop. (Kind of similar in live action films ;)

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