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Shelter In Place-Teaser Poster.JPG
Shelter in Place

Director:  Clare Chun 

Screenwriter:  Clare Chun 

Genre:  Animation


Clare Chun Productions producing its first animated short.

Check back here for more news. ;)

Clare Chun website-Shelter Real Life.JPG
Miss Ethnic Logo.jpg
Miss Ethnic Non-Specific

Director:  Clare Chun 

Screenwriter:  Kristina Haddad and Clare Chun 

Genre:  C​omedy​


Clare Chun Productions is set to adapt the One Woman Show by the same name Miss Ethnic, Non-Specific.

Miss Ethnic explores Kristina Haddad's journey for self identity being "racially ambiguous" in her childhood in predominantly white Bay Area California and her struggles to pursue a Hollywood career where Agents and Managers encourage her to follow the "trendy ethnic of the season." (Be it morphing into "Italian" ala Marisa Tomei or "Mexican" ala Salma Hayek or even down to braiding her hair to be more "Native American" for a part.)

Miss Ethnic is an endearing story of "little Krissy to grown Kristina" going for what she wants, to in-the-end, getting what she needs..

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