Currency of Love is Clare Chun Production's third award winning film. Her sophomore effort AFK won Best Woman's Film by L'Age d'Or International Arthouse Film Festival and boasts the largest crew of prolific women in the Seattle film community as well as a very diverse cast. Park's Epiphany was her directorial debut and entry into HBO's Asian Pacific American Visionaries 2018 Short Film competition which explored the themes of self image against the backdrop of westernized beauty ideals.
Clare has a decade of experience as a professional actress. Clare participated in the Cast Iron Studio/TNT/Portland Film office Talent Diversity Initiative. She produces content for #womeninfilm , encourages #talentdiversity and shoots films in WA.
She acted in an award winning 48 Hour Horror Film Cooking with Clare that won several awards including #sea48hfp17 "Best in City 2017," screened at Filmapalooza Spring 2018 in Paris and has screened at various film festivals all over the US 2017-2018.

For acting inquiries contact  Melissa Baldauf at Big Fish NW Talent Representation

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Her acting credits and directing credits: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2325062/

"If your dream only includes you, then it isn't big enough .”

– Ava Du Vernay

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