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Currency of Love

Director and Executive Producer:  Clare Chun

Screenwriters:  Clare Chun, Steve Harshfield and Chris Kirkmont

Genre:  Drama


While mourning the loss of her husband, Alissa discovers new truths as she searches for the keys to unlock his cryptocurrency.

Tagline: How well do you know the person you love?

Film:  Currency of Love 

AFK (Away from Keyboard)

Executive Producers:  Clare Chun Productions and Jouska Road Productions

Director: Clare Chun

Screenwriters:  Clare Chun and Steve Harshfield

Genre:  Drama, Musical


Filmed in and around Seattle, AFK tells the story of Sadie, 36, an aspiring singer songwriter, fired from her job, who tries to boost her career using social media platforms only to watch her ex friend and ex boyfriend “take the on-ramp to her dreams.” She AFK’s her life and hits the road in search of the true meaning of success and happiness on her terms and her timeline. 

Press: Melissa Maanao (Martika) interview about talent diversity

Film: AFK

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PE Poster Clare Chun Productions FINAL.j
Park's Epiphany

Director and Executive Producer:  Clare Chun

Screenwriter:  Clare Chun

Genre:  Drama


A Korean American girl who questions her self esteem and image against the pressure of westernized beauty ideals, while musing at a park.

Film: Park's Epiphany

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